AMIRÁ is not just another clothing brand, but an innovative brand inspired by the future of fashion and charmed by traditional colors, art and textures. With pret collections stretching from East to West. Amirá’s wide range of avant-garde apparel is designed specifically for Bangladesh's market. 

Here is what we invision: 

“To be recognised as an artistic and innovative fashion label in the global retail industry”

Amirá is defined as a grand ruler, which suits our mission statement of becoming the leading fashion label in Bangladesh.

After in-depth research in Bangladesh for over one and a half years, we believe that there is a lack of innovation in pret wear suitable for the Bangladesh market. 

Based on these particular problems we have created silhouettes and styles that will enhance our customer’s body type and skin tone. We use leading-edge technology to ensure high-quality fabrics, trimmings, stitching, and graphic work for our valuable customers to ensure a long-term relationship. We want all our customers to feel proud and extraordinary when they put on an Amirá outfit. We try our best to create designs that will enhance our customer’s best features. Our themes are developed according to the season and the upcoming festivities, all of our prints are hand drawn to emphasize the artistic criteria of our brand. 

Amirá will change the industry trends and deliver the market pieces of art to be worn on a day to day basis. While keeping the planet in mind, Amirá has set challenging targets to reduce the impact of our product, business, and logistics to drive sustainability forward! In conclusion, Amirá is the future of the retail fashion industry in Bangladesh and we’re here to guide the market in the right direction! 

The Amirá Woman is not any ordinary woman, this woman is willing to take risks and express her own story regardless of what society tells her is right or wrong. She is free from restrictions, she is confident, she is beautiful, she is talented, she embraces her culture and tradition in its purest form and thereby she inspires people around her. Amirá Woman is here to set trends, she doesn’t follow, she leads. 

Amirá Man is strong, fearless, respected, sophisticated, well dressed and successful. He is here to create a traditional and professional persona of himself, to enhance his upbringing through his fashion choice. First impression is all it takes for someone to know your worth and our Amirá Man is always ready to give an exceptional first impression.  



We have over 200 employees in Bangladesh who are constantly working hard to satisfy our customers' needs and wants. Amirá is serious about making sure every single person in their team is safe at work, respected and earns a living wage. We set high ethical standards as we believe that behind every striving company is their valuable employees.



Fashion is constantly evolving with new trends and innovation which comes with its own compromise. Therefore, Amirá has set challenging targets to reduce the impact of our product, business and logistics to drive sustainability forward. We are trying to reduce the use of plastic bags for packaging by replacing them with recyclable fabric. And we have introduced sustainable shopping bags made out of fabric that can be reused for multiple occasions. We believe that plans to protect our planet are in fact plans to protect mankind and we must start somewhere.