How to be safe during COVID

How to save in COVID-19


Pandemic crises like COVID19 or Corona virus are not a new thing for the world. From the very beginning of human kinds, people are facing such threats one after another. However, the situation becomes more crucial people when there is no medicine or vaccine for the diseases. The only way to avert this kind of crises is keeping yourself safe and maintaining your own safety and regulations in life. This becomes a major fence to overcome these crises.

It is important to know, how to be safe during COVID. Let’s share some effective key points that will help you to stay safe and sound during this Corona crisis.

Protect yourself and people around you from COVID-19

Viral diseases are the most damaging as compared to other diseases. As COVID-19 is a virus, everyone must be cautious. From the beginning of 2020, the Corona Virus has been spreading rapidly throughout the world. People carry the virus with them and then spreads it from one person to another who comes in contact with the person.

In case you do not want to spread it out or get yourself infected, you must keep safe distance with others, cover your face with protective musk, stay in a lightened and aired place and avoid going to a crowded place. While coughing or sneezing use elbow or tissue and most essentially wash your hand with soap often and use hand sanitizer always.

What you should follow to keep yourself safe from COVID-19 (These protocols are only for your safety. It does not guarantee you from not catching infection)

  1. You should maintain a minimum distance of 3 feet when there are people around you or you are talking to others. In addition, you should be particularly careful of people coughing or sneezing.
  2. Wearing protective musk is absolutely necessary.

You must be careful and aware of the usage of musk

  • It is important to use the musk with a clean hand. The hands must be properly cleaned before handling the musk. It is important to dis-infect your hand before using a musk.
  • Please make sure your mask covers your whole nose, mouth and chin properly.

How to make your environment safer

If we look into the reports of the last couple of months, we see that most of the infections have come from fitness classes, nightclubs, restaurants, offices, where people gather more in number. Major risky areas which increases the chance of infection by the covid-19 are tiny crowded indoor places. We, therefore should try and avoid tiny indoor places and try to be in airy and clean places.

It is also recommended by WHO(World Health Organization) to meet people outside, in open air or sufficiently ventilated places.

Stay hygienic and be safe

  • Try not to touch your nose or mouth without cleaning your hand properly.
  • Covering your face with your elbow or with tissue when you sneeze or cough. Put the used tissue in a closed bin immediately and clean your hand with soap or hand rub.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap.
  • When you are in the house, use disinfectant spray most often on the things you touch most.

Basic things to do if you feel unwell

  • Do not count every symptom as COVID-19. The basic symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, cough, throat pain, sleepiness and tiredness. Apart from that common symptoms like body pain, smell or taste loss, red eyes, nasal congestion may appear for some patients as well.
  • If you get any sign of COVID-19 symptoms, the first and foremost task is to isolate yourself from others in your home. In every country, there are lots of healthcare facilities, who are providing services through phone calls. Take any of these services and also tell someone to bring your daily needs during this hard time.
  • In a critical situation of breathing difficulty, you must contact a medical department and call for serious attention and help.
  • Stay updated with the latest information from the well trusted sources for eg. WHO and media (local & international).

What to do at home to stay safe & sound

You don’t need to perform a bunch of activities to be safe and sound, rather follow and perform some basic activities from home which will help you to increase your immunity and provide required strength. Some stretching and warm up exercise on a daily basis will help you to keep yourself healthy and ensure your better immunity. Physically active people have more strength to fight against any disease including COVID-19.

Moreover, a healthy diet is essential for our body. It provides necessary minerals, vitamins and boosts immunity. Avoid smoking or any other activities which can impact your immunity system.  Last but not least, focus on your mental health.

To sum up, this pandemic crisis is important to understand. You need not panic but at the same time please do not neglect. Awareness is important, be aware and make others aware about the safety aspects which needs to be followed to be safe during COVID crisis.

(Please note that the purpose of this write-up is to create awareness and is intended for general guidelines. Every individual is different and hence every guideline may not work with everyone. You are requested to take the advice of registered medical practitioner before following these guidelines.)